Sample Projects for Civic Hack Night

Sample Projects for Civic Hack NightOur next civic hack night is Tuesday, July 29 (TOMORROW!) at Bouncing Pixel. If you have a civic project you”re working on, or you want to join one in progress, please join us! Here are some sample projects you might find interesting:

Open Data Survey
Publish candidates’ statements about open data and Houston. Project needs:

  • Data gathering of candidate info, contact info, district, etc.
  • Messaging/marketing copy about project, goals, purpose
  • Website design/development
  • Ongoing correspondence with candidates/staffers about the project
  • Experts who are willing to educate candidates/staffers about open data

#SLGT Application
Work with the Department of Neighborhoods to build a mobile app that delivers local business and event results.

Configure an instance of Foodborne for Houston.

Redeploy Councilmatic, an app that delivers alerts about relevant City Council actions.

Houston Wiki
Deploy and configure a platform for a Houston Wiki, similar to Oakland’s (or a million other examples). We can use this platform for writeathons and other events.

Redeploy EarlyOakland, a site that connects parents with early learning services, with Houston data.

Kinder Institute on Twitter
Would it be possible to break down the Kinder Institute survey into a Twitter scraper that gives a real time answer?

Mural Arts Program Strategy
Develop a strategy to create a Houston Mural Arts Program. The program should have an operating budget used to fund murals, and an outreach component used to locate mural sites. Project could have a civic crowdfunding component.

Open Houston Planning
These are projects that help Open Houston grow. We need:

  • Planning for the next civic writeathon (tent. October)
  • Planning for the next civic hackathon
  • Plan a CityCamp
  • Planning for growing our community (technology, marketing, education, etc.)
  • Editorial calendar for content & more contributors
  • Ideas for meetups, events, etc.
  • “Care for Open Houston” = social media, website, member surveys, etc.
  • Projects documenting the use of open data in the media

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