2016 Houston Hackathon Recap

2016 Houston Hackathon RecapWe had a blast at the 4th Annual Houston Hackathon! It was May 14-15 at the Houston Technology Center, and we want to say THANK YOU to everyone for helping make it happen. Thanks to:

  • The volunteers for being fantastic facilitators for all of the participants.
  • The participants for showing up with their A game and contributing to fantastic projects to improve their communities and help solve problems in the Houston area.
  • The judges for donating their time and expertise and making hard decisions.
  • Our sponsors who made it all possible: Two Sigma and Boxer Property.
  • All of the speakers for giving us something to think about: 2015 hackathon winner Kenton Gray, Council Member David Robinson, Council Member Amanda Edwards, and candidate for Harris County Sheriff, Ed Gonzales.
  • Houston Technology Center for a great venue.
  • Xela Coffee Roasters for the much-needed and delicious coffee.
  • Grey Gardens Granola for a tasty breakfast on Saturday.
  • Mike Stovall for making a poster that brought in newcomers from all across the city.

We had such great project submissions! Probably my favorite part of each hackathon is project presentations on Sunday, when every team gets up in front of the community and shares what they’ve done over the past 24 hours. Guaranteed goosebumps every time. If you’re ready to be blown away, check out the submissions page.

And the winners are…

Johns Beware (working title)
This is a project dedicated to ending sex trafficking by reducing demand, supporting law enforcement, and creating awareness.

District Finder API
This API allows other applications to find all sorts of political districts for a provided latitude and longitude.

Invoice Dashboard
Imagine you’re a vendor doing business with an organization that is based only in one city but has 22 AP groups.

And because choosing winners was such a tough decision, we have an honorable mention:

This is a service marketplace to empower and employ local citizens to address local municipal issues.

What’s next?

While we’re very excited about the winners this year, every project on that submissions page deserves attention, because they’re all amazing solutions that were developed in a single day by people just like you. They were coders and data scientists, yes, but also designers, writers, project managers, and subject matter experts who showed up to put their passion into solving big problems in Houston. Does that sound like you?

If you missed the hackathon but want to get involved, you don’t have to wait until next year. You can attend one of our monthly themed hack nights–the next one is June 14, 6-9 PM at Station Houston, and it’s all about housing. Join us!

And stay tuned for more civic magic. We <3 you, Houston.

2016 Houston Hackathon Recap

Photo credit: Grace Rodriguez

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