Sketch City is an open community of technology advocates.

We work together to advance technology and data in public decision making. Our community of 3,000+ people work on projects, attend events, help shape public policy, and produce the annual City of Houston Hackathon in May.


Want to be a part of our community?

Great! We hope to connect you with excellent projects and people. Our community includes designers, developers, policy experts, community organizers, environmental scientists, journalists, activists, and many more. We seek to educate and inspire tech and non-tech people alike. There is a lot to do, and no matter what you know, you can help.

Looking to collaborate with Sketch City?

We partner with nonprofits, governments, and community advocates on technology projects. Please contact us with more information about your idea.

Disaster response and recovery

We are based in Houston, and Hurricane Harvey changed everything. You can read about our response to the storm and how open data plays a big part. As a result of this unfortunate experience, we learned a lot and share it through several disaster projects locally and globally.

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